Get to know us

We started as a small company and we remain a small company but being small does not reflect our strength. Our goal is not to become the biggest but to make a difference. The media industry is the largest and most affective industry in the world because it reaches everyone around the world making a mark on peoples lives. Zurielco stands for rock of God and that is what we stand and build upon, a strong foundation. The interior is more important to us than the exterior. The old saying goes action speaks louder than words but it is the words that come out of our mouths, through the ears and into the mind creating the action. I think therefore I am.

Come in and relax

Our mission

We're on a mission to change the world and to make the world a better place. The way our company works is that we have focused on the industry that makes the strongest impact and that is the media. The media is divided into different areas and that is literature, film/tv, radio, fashion and technology. We plan on channeling all of these into one message and that message is hope.

Our vision

Our vision is not to be the biggest, our vision is to have the greatest impact. Our vision is a simple but affective cycle. WE plant provide a product, so we can make a positive impact and to make money so we can make more product, to make a positive impact to make more money etc.

Benjamin K. Walker


As CEO of Zurielco, I could give you a list of my accomplishments, my education level and awards I have won but I do not want you to be impressed by materialist things. My job as CEO of this great company is nit for you to be impressed by me but for me to make a great impression on you. I want you to be the best you can be meeting up to your full potential and overcoming any obstacles that stand in your way. From this great change, you also will make a strong impact on someone's life. One candle can light millions and those candles can light billions.

Our team

Our creativity lies in our individuality but our strength lies in our ability to come together utilizing our unique and diverse talent stranded together as one unbreakable unit bound together to support a vision of hope, faith and change. Diversity is the key to any business success. The earth is diverse. You have night and day, four seasons, earth and water and the list goes on, Diversity brings balance to the world and creating synergy.